Since its birth Rebonded foam has shown good performances in both thermal insulation (such as in ski boots) and sound-proofing (such as in the automotive industry and motor vehicles in general).

Due to its double purpose value and extreme versatility and thanks to the availability of the material in different configurations (sheets or rolls) and in various dimensions (height, width and thickness), Rebonded foam is the ideal technical answer for different applications:

  • Building: underlay thermo-acoustic insulation for flooring and panel walls;
  • Sport: indoor and outdoor underlay for energy absorption (shockpads);
  • Automotive: panels and dashboards sound-proofing;
  • Packaging: thanks to its flexibility and workability it can be shaped in boxes and packaging with excellent protective capabilities;
  • Zootechnics: mattresses for cows bunks, mainly used in free range ranches;
  • Footwear: used as thermal insulating materials.

The possibility of coupling the material with others with different characteristics allow the use of Rebonded foam for different and new applications in accordance with the philosophy of "recycling" on which the birth and development of ORSA Foam Rebound is born.

Do not hesitate to contact us to improve your ideas using Rebonded foam.

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