The best underlay Made in Italy

Why is shock pad ORSAfoam important?
First of all, in combination with a suitable parquet/rubber or linoleum top layer, shock pad offers an ideal playing base for several sports. Thanks to shock pads, the background of the field is more suitable for the play and stays homogeneous, making easy both sport and technical activity. Moreover, due to its typical open cell structure, our shock pad maintains its excellent performance even after years of intensive play.

Is highly porous and can be used, day after day, under many different conditions.
Our shock pad is surely the best underlay for sports flooring, gyms, volleyball, basketball and indoor sport.

ORSAfoam shock pad improves players' performance under any conditions and during all seasons. This is applicable to many sports such as football, golf, baseball, and tennis and for all the other outdoor and indoor sports.
Shock pads are available in rolls and sheets. The installation is quick and easy: it has been tested during hundreds of applications all over the world. Thanks to its experience, our shock pad is really unbeatable.

Our shock pad is designed by ORSAfoam, and it is produced at our manufacturing plant in Italy. This way we can guarantee a good customer service and technical advantages typical for a multinational company: quality and long lasting products, produced using the lastest technologies while respecting the environment.

If you would like to have more information about the advantages of shock pad and the strength that characterized the products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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