The spread of silence
The defence against noise helps to improve the lifestyle

Domestic, traffic and all other noise is produced by modern lifestyle. Nowadays noise pollution is one of the main problems people have to face.

ORSA Foam Div. Rebound, leader in the application of flexible bonded foams, achieves excellent performance in the field of comfort. With a wide range of products and innovative solutions for sound insulation in houses. ORSA Foam Div. Rebound still remembers to respect the environment.

Sound insulating sheets made of bonded foams of flexible polyurethane are suitable for use in floors, walls and partition walls and they guarantee the best performance in any case.

Excellent performance and easy to install

ORSA Foam Div. Rebound bonded foam is designed to assure an easy installation reducing flooring time of the material. Furthermore, thanks to its molecular structure, ORSA Foam Div. Rebound bonded foam has particular thermal insulation properties which let you save energy that otherwise would be wasted on heating and air-conditioning.

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